Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, Co.

Locomotive 3768


Locomotive 3768 is one of the 4-8-4 or Northern type wheel arrangement, constructed by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, PA, and delivered to the Santa Fe in May 1938 at a cost of $178,767.17.

    No. 3768, as were other locomotives of the 3765 class, was initially assigned to passenger train service between La Junta, Colorado and Los Angeles, California, pulling trains such as "The Chief," "The California Limited," "Fast Mail Express," and the "Navajo."

    These locomotives could develop 5450 cylinder horsepower at 60 mph and 4450 drawbar horsepower at 50 mph.  They could be safely operated at 90 mph.  In contrast, the modern diesel-electric locomotive of today averages nearly 3000 horsepower.

    With the onset of the dieselization of Santa Fe's transcontinental passenger trains, the 3765 class engines were transferred to freight service. Locomotive 3768 was taken out of service at Argentine (Kansas City, KS) in August 1953 and stored serviceable.

    In May 1958 no. 3768 was presented to the City of Wichita and initially displayed at Friends' University.  It was moved from this site to Union Station in April 1977, remaining on display until being moved to Santa Fe's North Yards (Wichita) to be turned from facing north to facing south.  And while it was at North Yards members of the GPTM removed the jacketing as a preliminary step to a cosmetic restoration of this locomotive.  The date of arrival of this locomotive at the museum site was January 1985.


    Multimedia Cable Vision, the then-owner of the former Wichita Union Station, donated no. 3768 to the Great Plains Transportation Museum.  


See video footage of 3768 at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal on April 16, 1940. This was recorded by the late J.L. Watson and is available on the DVD Western Steam in 1940 by Main Line Motion Pictures. As far as we know, this is the only video of 3768 under steam!

Special thanks to Main Line Motion Pictures for giving us permission to share this with you! Visit their web site to order this and other historic railroad video footage. 

SPECIFICATIONS for locomotive 3768

28-inch diameter;

32-inch stroke

Driving Wheels:  80 inches
Boiler Pressure:  300 psi
Tractive Effort:  66,000 lbs

Boiler Heating Surface: 

5404 sq. ft. 
Total Length:   112 ft - 1.25 in

Superheating Surface:

2250 sq. ft. 

Maximum height: 

18 ft 5.5 in

Weight on Driving Wheels:

286,890 lbs

Weight of Locomotive:

499,600 lbs

Weight of Tender:

173,446 lbs (empty)                          

396,246 lbs (loaded)

Capacity of Tender:

20,000 gal. water 

7107 gal. fuel oil